3 Top Features of the Syzmik Unisex 2 in 1 Stretch Softshell Taped Jacket

3 Top Features of the Syzmik Unisex 2 in 1 Stretch Softshell Taped Jacket

The Syzmik Unisex 2 in 1 Stretch Softshell Taped Jacket has many beneficial features and here are our top 3:

Longer Tail | Better Protection 

First feature highlight is the longer tail that provides extra and better protection when the rain is chucking it down and when there's an extra cold wind blowing.  The fact it comes down longer means this Syzmik jacket doesn't come up short when and where you need it to.  

Syzmik Jacket | Unisex Softshell Jacket

Is It A Jacket or Is It A Vest?

It's both!  Having a 2 in 1 jacket means the sleeves zip off to create a vest which is perfect for those days when it's cold but you're working up a sweat doing the hard jobs.  Keeps the body warm and allows extra flexibility too. The hood zips off and on easily too so whatever option you decide it's up to you. 

Syzmik 2 in 1 Stretch Jacket


Extra Warmth and Comfort | Syzmik 2 in 1 Jacket 

This Syzmik 2 in 1 Softshell Jacket has a unique bonded fleece lining pattern that provides extra warmth and style.  It's lightweight so doesn't weigh you down and at the same time provides the warmth you need out on site. 

Syzmik Work Jacket nz

It's probably one of the most popular workwear jackets because of extra features such as the reflective bio motion segment tape which increases comfort and movement, plenty of room in the two front pockets that have zips so keys, pens, measuring tapes etc don't fall out and a chest mobile phone pocket too to keep up to date with emails, quotes etc. 

Syzmik Workwear

If you need a workwear quote or you want to discuss workwear options just drop Abby an email on abby@totalsafety.nz or call on 0272 755 191.

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