Boat Safety - Be Prepared - Get The Safety Gear

Boat Safety - Be Prepared - Get The Safety Gear

In New Zealand we pride ourselves on being the outdoorsy type who like nothing better than a hike up a mountain or a day out with our mates on the boat. Unfortunately accidents and incidents happen at work and at play and to make sure you stay nice and safe plan ahead and be prepared.

Did you know that each year ACC receive on average 480,000 sport related claims?  That’s a huge amount and some of those claims would be around boating incidents and accidents.

If you think about it boats can be fairly hazardous places.  

Those boat decks can be slippery which means slips, trips and falls are common resulting in sprains and strains.

Filleting a fish no matter how good a knife person you are sometimes results in nasty cuts which require immediate dressing and antiseptic creams.

If you’re heading out on your new kayak you got for Christmas for a day of fishing or exploring always make sure you have your first aid essentials tucked away.  

Always have a fire extinguisher handy for those just in case engine fires or other fire hazards.

At Total First Aid our Boating First Aid Kit and First Aid Essentials have everything you need when those incidents and accidents occur.  You can never predict what’s going to happen out on the water so be prepared, plan ahead so you and your fellow boaties can have a great day out!


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