Spill Control - Thinking ahead for rapid response

Spill Control - Thinking ahead for rapid response

About 150,000 workplaces throughout New Zealand use hazardous substances. The risks they pose are often underestimated. For example, common hazardous substances like commercial cleaning products, paints, adhesives, acids, bases and solvents can cause serious harm if not used safely.

Prepare for an emergency

How you prepare for an emergency depends on the types and amounts of hazardous products you use and store. Some actions to keep safe are always required, while others are required only if you have substances over certain limits.

To see what you need to do to prepare for an emergency when using and storing hazardous products, Worksafe have a handy checklist over on their website here. They also have a calculator which helps you to decide on what control measures for Hazardous substances you need to take.

Getting the basics right - what do you need in your Spill Kit?

You need to be prepared to deal with a spill or leak of the hazardous substances you use, handle, manufacture and store. The equipment needed in your spill kit will depend on what hazardous substances you have and the amount that could possibly be spilled.

We have a great range of spill kits including our popular and very cost effective 25L Portable "grab and go" oil spill kit and the 30L Portable Chemical spill kit,  perfect for easy access on mobile machinery and in workplaces where hazardous substances can be stored in various areas rather than one secure area.

Check the full range of Spill kits out here   

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