Q & A with Abby | All About Branding

Q & A with Abby | All About Branding

We decided to sit down with our Workwear and Branding specialist Abby who has a wealth of experience when it comes to helping companies get both the look and the feel spot on.  

It's important to present the right first impression the minute you step on site or into a meeting so let's see what Abby has to say that ensures you get it right every time.

Branding | Things Abby Needs To Know Up Front 

Here is a quick list of the sorts of information Abby needs to know so your workwear and branding is up to your expectations. If you're unsure of where to get this information Abby can guide you through that as well so don't worry if you're not too sure what it all means.

  • Logo/artwork needs to be supplied and Abby needs to know if branding needs to be the full colour logo or artwork or just one colour. She will also need to know how many colours etc and all this information should be kept in your Branding Guidelines file along with your logos, artwork in different formats for things like web images, print images and branding etc. 
  • We need to know the rough print sizes and placement of print so for screen printing there are four different sizes. Those sizes are: A6 (80mm x 105mm), A4 (210mm x 300mm), A3 (300mm x 420mm) and A2 (450mm x 700mm).  There is slight room for movement with screen printing sizes so don't be afraid to ask if you want something a bit different. Embroidery is different again so talk to Abby about your embroidery needs and if you have any images that's even better so we can visually see what you need. 
  • The cost of both the workwear and branding is affected by volume ordered so find out what those cost breaks are. This will help you with getting more bang for your buck when it comes to ordering and receiving your branded workwear
  • We also need to know the fabric the screen print is going on as a lot of polyesters and polycotton need a base print. 

Abby will always ask what sort of workwear you are looking for and if there is a preferred brand. If you are clear with what brands you want then we work with our suppliers to deliver.  If customers want options then Abby will go through options and prices of clothing prior to branding prices and help you choose from there. Normally we will provide 3 different options with 3 different prices to review. 

What's Next | Branding on Workwear

Once we have collected what your requirements are, Abby will be able to complete a quote to send to you for approval.  Once you're happy to proceed and the right person has signed off for the job you will get a visual proof of the print on the workwear to sign off and approve also prior to any branding being done.

We then communicate all this key information and get the workwear branding and workwear supply underway.  Abby is in communications with our suppliers and printers during the process to ensure progress is being made and deadlines are being met. 

Branding | The Quality Check

Once we receive all your branded workwear back to base Abby does a thorough quality check for every customer to ensure it's correct and up to our quality standards. Once we're happy with the quality Abby will be in touch to arrange drop off or pick up. 

Want to find out more about your branded workwear?  Give Abby a call on 0272 755 191 or drop her an email on abby@totalsafety.nz 













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