First Aid Kit | Commercial Burns Refill Kit

$94.90 + GST
$109.14 incl. GST

A fully featured burns kit for most commercial situations.


Recommended for commercial operations with one to twelve staff members.


Kit includes: 


2 X Burn dressing 5cm x15cm 

2 X Burn dressing 10cm x10cm 

1 X Burn dressing 30cm x 40cm

1 X Burn dressing 20cm x 45cm

15 X Burn gel sachet

1 X Sterile gloves

2 X Plastic tweezers

1 X Bandage scissor

2 X Securing bandage 7.5cm

2 X Clean up bag (containment)

5 X paper towel

1 X Fabric tape 2.5mm

2 X triangle bandage

10 X safety pins

2 X CPR resuscitation mask

4 X Gauze swabs 2's 7.5cm X7.5cm

10 X Fabric plaster

10 X Clear plastic plaster

1 X Cohesive bandage blue 5cm

1 x Aids/Hepatitis Label 

1 x First Aid Tips


Available in soft pack and green wall mountable plastic box.