Janipine | Concentrated Disinfectant | 20 Litre

$127.55 + GST
$146.68 incl. GST

An extremely effective Commercial strength Disinfectant with a pleasant, lingering Pine Deodorant.  Cleans, Disinfects, & Deodorizes.


Uses:  Cleaner sanitiser for Toilets, Floors, Walls etc.  General Cleaning of Window Sills, Skirting Boards, and cupboards.  Add to Bath for a refreshing bathe.

Laundry - Janipine is especially good when washing Towels.

Clean dog kennels & areas where pets are kept.  To wash pet blankets.



General cleaning:  Add approx 160 mls to 8 Litres of water.

Heavy cleaning:     Add approx 300 mls to 8 Litres of water.

In the Laundry:      Approximately 50 mls per load.


Keep Out of Reach of Children