Three Person 72hr Survival Kit

$254.14 + GST
$292.26 incl. GST

A larger and more comprehensive kit designed for up to three people, contains emergency rations, survival blankets, ponchos, first aid essentials and much more. Will last three people up to four days.


1 Small Red First Aid Container

2 First Aid Training Tip 

2 Aids Hepatitis Labels

3 Antiseptic Wipes

10 Fabric Plasters

3 Safety Pins

2 Fabric Fingertip Plasters

2 Fabric Knuckle Plasters

1 Povidone Iodine Wipe

2 Non Woven Dressing Strips 10x6cm

1 Pair Powder Free Gloves

1 Scissors

1 Backpack Black/Yellow

3 Rescue Blankets

3 Emergency Foil Sleeping Blankets

3 Emergency Food Ration Bars

3 Diposable Ponchos (Yellow)

4 Emergency Glow Sticks

2 Boxes Aquatab Water Purification Tablets

1 Blue Detectable PVC Tape

1 Hand Sanitiser

1 Clean Up Bag

2 Hi Vis Day/Nigh Vests Orange Large